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What kind of golf lessons in Madrid do we teach at Atix Golf?

Would you like to take  Madrid golf lessons and surround yourself with real professionals in a perfect environment? In that case, you have reached the right place! At Atix Golf we give you the opportunity to train and live a unique experience in Spain.   

We adapt to you and your needs. Therefore, we put at your disposal different types of lessons, so that you can choose those that best fit what you are looking for. 

  • Individual lessons. Are you interested in coming alone to Spain and training individually? Then this mode is for you. We teach lessons of 1h 15’ in duration on a practice course, and 5 hours in a professional field, which includes an immediate recording and correction. 
  • Group classes. In case you’re coming with one more person and want to sign up together, no problem! Both of you will learn the most innovative techniques from the USA and surround yourself with a professional and relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Special lessons. We have bonuses for 10 individual and group lessons. In addition, we offer a 10% discount on bonuses from 10 lessons if you bring the large family card. Maximum facilities at your fingertips!  

After finishing the lessons, we send each student a personalized email in which we attach an analysis of how the lesson went and of his / her swing, as well as the pertinent corrections so that he can apply them in the next lesson. In this way, they have the opportunity to improve day by day and become true golf experts in the hands of professionals in the sport. 

 Hire our Madrid golf lessons! 

What do you say? Do you dare to come to Spain to improve your swing? Do it with Atix Golf! We put all the facilities at your fingertips so you only have to worry about improving and having fun while you practice. You can reach us by phone at (+34) 646 642 232, as well as in by email to If you prefer, you can fill in the contact form at this link and request information about our Madrid golf lessons. We will reply you as soon as possible. 

We are waiting for you in Spain, we are waiting for you at Atix Golf! 

Do you want to take  Madrid golf lessons?

Do you want to take  Madrid golf lessons? 

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