atix golf


ATIX Golf is a leading company in the organization of golf Events. 

We have the best specialized team to offer maximum exclusivity in corporate or open tournaments, and trips to Madrid and Ibiza with a gastronomic or cultural touch. 

We guarantee unique classes and  clinics, by a detailed follow up with the help of a professional that will change your way of seeing golf. 

Come and meet us!


 Juan Landaluce’s passion is golf. As a professional he has traveled around the world learning and teaching this sport. After many years living in USA, he returned to Spain where he specializes in American methodology with spectacular results.   



  • Golf Director at Midtown Athletic Club at Weston, FL, USA
  • JL Academy owner at Pembroke Pines Golf Resort, FL, USA
  • Lead Master Instructor at Weston Hills Golf Academy, Weston, FL, USA
  • Certified Degree Short Game ,Orange County, FL, USA
  • Member of “Asociacion Profesionales de Golf de España”
  • “Maestro Nacional Federacion Española” Certificate, Spain
  • Official Golf Tournament organizer at CasaClub Madrid and Marbella, Spain
  • Certified Degree David Leadbetter Montpellier Masane, France
  • Member of Revolution Golf, sharing knowledge with PGA members.
  • Golf Tech Member
  • United States Golf Association Member 


 Atix is ​​a Quechua word that contains the following meaning:   

"The One Who Tries" 

"The One Who Knows“

"The One Who Can" 


Natalia Landaluce started playing golf at 6 years old. Being part of the Federacion Española de Golf, she has played along her coach, her dad, among non stop tournaments. At the age of 18 she intended to become a  professional, but had to leave it due an injury. For 10 years she resides in USA where she is dedicated to the organization of events and classes, traveling to Spain to be part of the tournaments and clinics 



  • Federacion Espanola de Golf player
  • Campeonato de Espana 1999-2006: Alevin, Cadete and Junior categories.
  • Event organizer at JL Academy at Pembroke Pines Golf Resort, FL, USA
  • Tournament organizer at SunFun Golf, Madrid, Spain
  • Cypress Bay high school official player