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Train next to a personal golfer in Madrid

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Train next to a personal golfer in Madrid  

You may be wondering what Atix Golf is;  It’s a leading company in the organization of golf events. In addition to organizing trips to Madrid and Ibiza in which we combine the best of sport with a gastronomic and cultural touch, we teach classes and workshops with detailed follow-ups with which you can become a golf professional.  It doesn't matter where you come from or what your level of golf is: at Atix Golf we teach individual, group and special classes in some of the most spectacular courses in the whole country, where you will have the opportunity to surround yourself with the most innovative techniques and true professionals of this sport, such as Juan Landaluce, who lived for several years in the USA, where he assumed various methodologies that he applies today in the classes he performs at Atix Golf.  

All the classes we do, both those that take place in the field of practice and field trips, are videotaped and corrected at the time by our specialists. Also, at the end of the class we send an email to each student—whereupon we make an analysis of their swing and the corrections we consider appropriate to improve. In addition, we follow American techniques that are not usually used in Spain.  Maximum distinction and professionalism! 

Broadly speaking, then, what is the teaching method we use at Atix Golf? 

  • Filming short games and long games for each student. 
  • Analysis and correction: causes of error.
  • Specific drillexercises to identify errors and correction. 

Make your passion your profession! Become a professional golfer with Atix Golf  

Do not miss the opportunity to train with a team of specialists who will guide you at all times to discover the best golfer that lives within you. Contact us today! We will solve all possible doubts you have without any commitment and you will have the opportunity to learn from a personal golfer in Madrid.  Call us at the phone number +34 646 642 232, email us at or fill in the contact form you will find here. See you at Atix Golf!   

Juan Landaluce, your personal golfer in Madrid

Juan Landaluce, your personal golfer in Madrid

Personal golfer in Madrid

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